Gaming Challenges

Starting February 1, 2024 and for the next six months, play your favourite Vulcan Studios game for a chance to win BIG. We are talking about 4000 PYR in total to share!

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Web3 Games

Berserk is a fast paced TCG/CCG set in the VulcanVerse lore. Battle against other players in competitive 1v1 matches, climb the ladder and participate in awesome seasons for a chance to unlock prizes. Play on PC, iPhone or Android devices.

Tartarus is an infinite survival game. Defeat demons and unlock access to the deepest parts of hell-ish environment, the more you explore the more you gain... how far can you go?

Set during the Barbaroi Invasions when enemies came from all corners intent on taking a share of VulcanVerse's riches, Vulcan's Tower Defense sees the player a military general attempting to stop the incoming enemies. Play on PC, iPhone or Android devices.

A bold new take on endless runners where the traps are set and the obstacles number in the many. And it’s up to your skills to prove how you can push the farthest to survive: while seeing yourself conquer all the realms in this test!

Vulcan's Creed is a first person 3D wave-based Greco-Roman themed game playable on iPhone and Android phones. Defeat the hordes of mythical creatures attempting to breach the gates to Vulcan City. The further you progress, the faster and more powerful the enemies.

HeXenagos is a 2-player turn-based tactics game. Claim buildings and destroy the enemy forces. Collect units to assemble armies with mythical soldiers and heroes. Play competitively or invite a friend on a self-created battlefield.

VulcanVerse is an open-world massive multiplayer online role-playing game. Choose amongst one of our four worlds, create your avatar and discover fantastical Vulcanites, creatures to help you build and please the gods.

More Games to Play

Vulcan Studios is continuously developing new titles for players to enjoy. From Vulcan Eleven, a cricket fantasy sports app to Vulcan Fight League, our upcoming MMA game, there are always fun ways to pass time.